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Office Hook-ups Should Be Avoided

Dating, and ending up in bed, with a co-worker can be fun and exciting, so much so that you’d love to wake up before 7 am! However, inter-office romances and even sexual trysts can be quite dangerous too, because for starters you and your partner might be breaking the rules in the employee handbook, and […]


Simple ways to turn her on

Every guy wants to know the ways to turn a girl on, without a doubt – without getting her blind drunk, of course. Turning her on is the point where she’ll eventually dry hump your leg, as she begs you to take her to your place. However, as what Asian Escorts Melbourne says, most men […]


For How Long Should You Enjoy It?

Pleasant sex “takes time” as stated by lots of sex gurus. Even so, exactly how long might good sexual intercourse persist? There are several comments. Some say that enough coitus should certainly carry on in 3 to 7 minutes, and also others claim from 10 to 15 minutes. Reported here are interesting information on just […]