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Office Hook-ups Should Be Avoided

Dating, and ending up in bed, with a co-worker can be fun and exciting, so much so that you’d love to wake up before 7 am! However, inter-office romances and even sexual trysts can be quite dangerous too, because for starters you and your partner might be breaking the rules in the employee handbook, and second both of you could become the topic of conversation during lunch time! Here are a couple of reasons why mixing business (or work) with pleasure can be very risky.

Melbourne Asian EscortThe Amazing Sex Can Cloud Your Judgement
When you’re having amazing sex, everything can look and feel like rainbows and butterflies. However, the multiple orgasms can act like a smokescreen, and impair your judgement, especially when making crucial work or business-related decisions (which may at times involve your lover!) Why don’t you just do some sleazy role-playing with your favourite Asian Escorts Melbourne, and steer clear of the potential minefields of office romance!

You May Cover Up/Enable Your Lover’s Bad Behaviour
In office hook-ups (and in any type of relationship), people initially see the good in their partner. But if you share the same workplace with her, there will be times when you’ll cover up for her mistakes. But what if you find out that your lover’s stealing stuff, or laundering office funds? Will you be man enough to report her to your boss?

You’ll Make Work Decisions Based On Love (Or Lust)
Whether you’re just head-over-heels over your workplace lover, or you’ve already been drowned out by the powerful orgasms, crazy things can absolutely happen. In many cases, people have tended to make decisions at work based on what they feel, instead of what’s rational.

So if you’re the boss, and you’re having an affair with that hot secretary of yours, there’ll be chances where you’d give her a ridiculous raise, or promote her to a higher position!

You’ll Compete Against Each Other
Another major risk of office romances or hook-ups is that there might be time where you and your lover are competing for the same promotion. What would you do if this happens? Would you argue and tear each other down? Sometimes the rabid workplace competition can make lovers forget about the intense sex that they just experienced!

Perhaps you know a couple of people who dated at work, and ended up marrying, even having children afterwards. And of course, you also know of those who ended badly, and had violent arguments at the watercooler or locker room!

Perhaps you’d be better off playing around with sexy and hot Melbourne Asian Escorts, as you can fulfil all your erotic fantasies in private, and be far from the prying eyes of bosses and officemates!


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