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Melbourne Escort Melbourne – 2017 Study Reveals How Women Today Feel About Casual Hookups

Casual Hookups

Have you ever experienced going on a “hookup”? What I meant was that have you ever tried having a one-night stand with any woman that you’ve met at the bar, or on social media? If your answer is no, well, that’s okay, you’ll still get your chances. But if you’ve already had your fair share of hookups, perhaps you’d like to take a look at the results of a fairly recent globals study, which says that around half of couples (or one-night stand partners) today are not satisfied with their sex lives!


Religious Folk Were Less Concerned About Missing on a Hookup

According to a 2017 collaborative study of Norwegian and American college students by professors at the University of Texas Austin and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, women today are much more likely than men to regret their one-night stands, and religious people were less upset about missing on a hookup. But then again, who cares about how these people feel about hookups, if you just love dating the hot and sexy Melbourne Escort Melbourne!


The researchers analyzed 929 Norwegian students and 524 Americans, all heterosexual, and asked them different questions about their past sexual encounters, and how they felt about it afterward. The study team found out that respondents who scored higher in terms of “religiosity”, were more likely to regret casual sex. These individuals were more likely to pass up on casual sex and less concerned about missing the chance of a hookup!


US Women Are More Likely to Regret Casual Sex

And among the two nationalities, the researchers also noted that American women are more likely to regret casual sex than men, and their Norwegian counterparts too. In fact, around 49.6% of US women regretted their last casual sex encounter, as compared to 35.3% of the men.


The study authors also added that a man’s likelihood of getting casual sex was also about half that of women, and the men were 3.5 times more likely than women to regret passing up on a hookup. However, if I were to ask you point-blank, would you ever pass up on a hookup? I guess, not, especially if you were dating ladies as hot and as sexy as the Melbourne Escort Melbourne!

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