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Subtle Signs You Actually Like Her

It’s usually easy to tell if you’re in love with someone. You feel nervous about seeing them, or you constantly check to make sure you look and smell good, in case you run into them. The lovely ladies at Melbourne Asian Escort have seen their clients do these things at one point or another. It’s born from the desire to make a good impression on a lady, especially one that’s caught their eye.

However, those aren’t the only signs you like someone. Experts say there are less obvious signs you may even be mistaking for something other than attraction. Such everyday actions toward a certain someone typically mean that you really like them. Here are a few to look out for.

  1. You don’t leave her waiting. There are those people we take our time replying to when it comes to messages or returned calls, usually because we’re so comfortable with them we know they won’t mind. When you like someone, though, it usually shows how you don’t keep her waiting. So you often end up replying to her text right away, even before those you may have gotten a good half hour earlier.
  2. You wonder about her tastes. Have you ever come across a book at a store and wondered if she’d like it? Or you check out the listings for the local cinema and question whether or not she’d like to see a certain film. Having her interests in mind while indulging yours actually means you have feelings for her.
  3. You pick up new hobbies. People pick up new hobbies all the time, so you may not realise this is a sign you like that certain someone. If you can pinpoint what got you started on a hobby, it’s likely not out of attraction to someone. However, if you’re not sure why you took up a new sport or started watching a new show, it’s likely she influenced you enough to make you curious enough to give it a try.


Did a certain woman come to mind while reading this article? Even if you didn’t think of anyone in particular, at least you’ll be better able to tell if you like someone.

Think you need to hone your skills with the ladies, or just need some company? Just browse the gallery at Melbourne Asian Escort. You’re sure to find the best courtesan for you.

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