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Melbourne Asian Escort – Multiple Orgasms, and How Men Can Have Them Too

Multiple Orgasms

When it comes to talking about sexual satisfaction, it’s often said that the women get the better end, as they are able to achieve something most men only dream of – multiple orgasms! But just because it isn’t widely experience, does that mean that male multiple orgasms don’t exist? The answers below might just surprise you.

Taoism’s “Ejaculation Control” and Tantric Sex

Before you start concluding that only your girlfriend or the hot and sexy Melbourne Asian Escorts have the ability to enjoy multiple orgasms, perhaps you should first read what Taoism and Tantra have to say about men and multiple orgasms.


While not solely focused on sex, the spiritual teachings of Taoism (China) and Tantra (India) have developed practices related to the extension of coitus, and hence male erection, by studying methods to achieve multi-orgasm.


According to the Tao, sperm is a vital energy depositor, and for this reason, should be kept as much in the body as possible. This belief led Taoists to develop a series of techniques to prevent ejaculation, from the simple |coitus interruptus” to exerting pressure to the perineum, or even conscious contraction of the muscles of the perineum itself.  


The Tantric disciplines propose a different approach to sex than what we’re used to in the west. According to Tantric theory, orgasm is simply not the purpose of sexual intercourse, as Tantric sex is based on a protracted contact between two partners, which does not necessarily imply sexual intercourse as we usually mean.


How to Have Multiple Orgasms

According to Tantric and Taoist sex experts, the key to achieving multiple orgasms lies in finding that crucial moment before orgasm becomes ejaculation, and stop. For starters, you can develop this skill by exercising the pubococcygeus muscles, which are the muscles of the pelvic floor that are used to ‘hold it’ when you need to pee.


When doing Kegel exercises, you strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles and coupled with practicing to recognize your point of no return,  you will be able to exert better orgasmic control, to the delight of your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Melbourne Asian Escorts!

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