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Role play, yes, you can bring your intercourse to the next level with a role play which your Melbourne Asian escort would love to oblige. She could be the Countess, and you, the butler.

Like an obedient servant, you proceed to the bathroom to fill the tub up for her bath. She then instructs you how to add the different ingredients including the bubbles. The Countess walks seductively across the room and you help her off with her sheer gown. Things are now getting steamy here. Seeing very exquisite shoulders and nicely rounded butt, your cock instantly shoots up, struggling hard against your pants.

Melbourne Asian EscortSeduction in the Tub

Now your sweltering lady leans over the bath with her tits bouncing freely. Unfortunately, she knocks the soap bar down into the water. You are ready to search but she arrogantly tells you to strip yourself naked before getting into the tub. Like an innocent servant, you hesitate at first but then, Her Majesty gets annoyed. As you strip bare, you see a smile on her lips, seeing a dick sticking right up in the air.

As soon as the soap was located, you now help the Countess into the tub. Wordlessly, you sit behind her and start to sponge her back, your boner coming in contact with her warm body. She quickly turns around and you do the same with her front. Soaping gently her tits, you sense she’s enjoying every moment of it.

She stands up, opens her legs and commands you do the same with her cunt. But, you know this wasn’t the time yet to thrust your erection popping out of the water like a periscope. Both of you are still enjoying the seduction process.

Now bath is finally over; she tells you to meet her in the bedroom. She steps out of the bathroom her bum moving provocatively as when she stepped in. You’re quick to wrap her around a large white towel.

The Curtain Falls

Then you entered the bedroom with your daring Countess lying totally naked, her entirely gorgeous body exposed before your drooling mouth. She had perky breasts, her moist pussy slightly shaved. As you hovered above her, she clasps her hand around your shaft and rubs it up and down before shoving it deep into her throat. She gulps your cum down like she was swallowing oysters!

Enjoy other lusty roles with your hot Melbourne Asian Escort and together, climb the highest ecstasy!

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